Corporate Branding, Service Design, Design Thinking & Creative Concept

This is a college project for a subject called Business By Design. Gento is an organization that designs, builds and distributes tools that improve communication for disadvantaged Australians living in supported accommodation. Through design thinking, Gento has developed a game-changer in the facilitation of care and support service providers called Pebble. The objective of Pebble is to enhance the well being of their clients and their practice. Developed and designed in collaboration with Tim Meyer and Edervic Clavecillas

We did some research that could help provide us with both reliable and valid data to create the big picture. We then went on to transform these insights to solutions that could change how care service is facilitated.

The solution was a consistent, high quality, cross-channel experience both online and offline to create a seamless customer journey. It reduces downtime and eliminates arbitrary processes when it comes to meal planning and preparation. This enables care providers to spend more time in helping their clients assimilate into the society.

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