Hi. I'm Gilbert, a graphic designer from Malaysia - now based in Sydney. My services include art direction, graphic design, concept development, illustration, typography, visual identity, web design and print publishing. I am very passionate about design with a penchant for clean and simple. I believe that reductive design qualities can lead to a clearer and more precise solution. I enjoy a little bit of experimentation in my work as well as learning something new everyday to develop my skills as a graphic designer. I love to co-create and collaborate with individuals who seek creativity. I seek to generate inventive ideas through the combination of analytical and experimentation approach.

2012 - Billy Blue College of Design - Bachelor of Communication Design

2014 - Mentally Friendly: Design Intern
2013 - TMA Consolidated: Graphic & Web Design Intern

2014 - Moon Communications Group (Now known as STW Designworks) - NSW Advocate for Children and Young People
"Awarded finalist in the 2015 AGDA Awards. Link can be found here."

+61 (04) 1138 7954
+60 (14) 9225 166

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