Work In Progress
Art Direction, Illustration & Brand Identity

Work In Progress is a self-initiated project on a conceptual exhibition. This exhibition is an exploration of the human experience (past and present) and our constant state of impermanence (thus the name, Work In Progress). This exploration is narrated through the use of denim to tell stories and how we can understand our current mode of being. It also aims to expand on previous exhibitions and explore the aesthetic motives and social uses of denim from the past and the present day society.

The overall corporate identity was developed to give the audience a feel of the exhibition in bite size pieces through the use of iconographies and unobtrusive typography.

To add gravitas to the overall visual language, visual representations of the industrial revolution were curated to mimic the textures on denim fabric. Tying these two elements together bridges the visceral link between the narrative of the exhibition and the patterns on the clothes that we wear daily.

The app is created so that the audiance can discover more about the exhibition, the background of each curator, the sponsors involved and a user submission section where users can take photos of them wearing jeans and share it with the world.

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