Art Direction & Brand Identity

Merge is a fictitious creative studio based in Sydney. Founded in 2014 by designers Sam Jones, Liam Brown, Gilbert Antai and Jonathan Low, Merge is a new creative outfit seeking to make an impression with its distinct neo-modern typographic style in collaboration with clients in need of a fresh identity and strategic direction.

Merge means the coming together of a range of skills and wisdom, converging together in an environment where possibilities and prospects can grow and flourish. We take pride in the possibilities and positivity our studio fosters - a place where great ideas flourish, coming together to create something bigger and better for our clients. Designed in collaboration with Sam Jones, Liam Brown and Jonathan Low.

Merge positions themselves as a boutique creative agency specialising in bespoke design solutions. Thus, a reserved and unobtrusive branding was developed to portray this neo-modernist style of typography, experimentation and grid use.

+61 (04) 1138 7954
+60 (14) 9225 166

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